5 Features Found Inside Eco-Friendly Custom Homes

Eco-friendly custom homes are a new building trend that is starting to be popular among homeowners. Eco-friendly construction uses earth friendly materials as well as green practices. These practices and materials differ greatly from traditional choices, such as concrete. The goal of sustainable construction is to create a house that is eco-friendly by also using green features on the inside. Some features found inside eco-friendly custom homes include filters, steel frames, hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles, double-pane windows and doors, and cotton insulation.

Filters throughout the new custom home

Heating and air conditioning systems that have High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters installed are considered eco-friendly. These HEPA filters reduce several allergens that are usually found in the home environment. New custom homes that are eco-friendly also incorporate filters in the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Steel frames

Steel is considered eco-friendly because it is stronger and more sustainable than wood. This product is also mold resistant.

Hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles

Hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles are replacing traditional carpeting and vinyl flooring. While carpets can be difficult to clean, ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring is easy to maintain. Carpets can give allergens the ability to linger in your house for an extended period of time. For these reasons, hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles are considered the more eco-friendly option for new custom homes.

Double-pane windows and doors

Double-pane windows and doors make your house more energy-efficient. These eco-friendly products make it easier to heat and cool the interior of the new custom home by reducing air exchange. Double-pane windows and doors also block Ultra Violet (UV) rays.

Cotton insulation

Using cotton insulation instead of traditional fiberglass is another eco-friendly feature for new custom homes. Cotton is just as effective as fiberglass, but safer and more environmentally friendly.

While eco-friendly custom homes cost a little more than traditional homes at first, they make up for the initial cost in the total energy savings. These savings make this type of home a wise decision for homeowners.

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