Residential And Commercial Building Services


When you are building a custom home, business, or public facility, you don’t want to leave any of the details to chance. At Champion 1 Builders, we guarantee our clients will receive the best service and the highest quality construction for their projects. Our Amarillo custom home builders begin with the planning phase and end only when our clients are 100 percent satisfied with the quality of construction.

Custom home design and custom home construction in and around Amarillo

Working with our clients, we determine the core features that are desired for the custom home in Amarillo. Then, we work with our architects to design a custom home that is visually appealing and functionally feasible. Our goal is to make sure that the home not only looks stunning, but that our clients will feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk in.

At Champion 1 Builders, we ensure our client’s specialty rooms in their custom homes are the perfect places of rest and relaxation. Some specialty rooms for custom homes include man caves, game rooms, and home theaters as well as home offices.

A beautiful custom home in Amarillo that you want to shield from prying eyes requires solid fencing. At Champion 1 Builders, we offer 6′, 7′, and 8′ privacy cedar fencing for residential and commercial properties in and around Amarillo, Texas.

Utility costs for custom homes are always a concern with Champion 1 Builders. Considered one of the most energy efficient and cost-effective insulation solutions, we recommend the use of spray foam insulation on all of our custom home projects. In fact, nearly all of our clients who have this installed on their properties have realized considerable savings on their utility bills.

Commercial buildings design and construction in and around Amarillo

More and more builders are turning to duplexes and multi-family housing as a way to provide affordable housing in communities throughout the Amarillo area. For that reason, we, as builders, ensure their designs are the most compact and cost-efficient possible. We also ensure that the designs are both comfortable and can be seamlessly integrated into neighborhoods.

We work closely with our commercial clients to ensure they will have the space they need to perform the tasks their businesses depend upon. This means carefully positioning everything from doorways to electrical outlets, so that the structure is geared towards fostering function.

Constructing hotel facilities for guests presents unique challenges. Everything from location to size and aesthetics must be carefully balanced in order to create a comfortable place for people to visit. We have been fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s top hoteliers. Our experience with Marriott, Hilton, Choice Hotels, and IHG has given us unique insight into the methods used to create the world’s finest hotels.