“Scott, I want to tell you and your family thank you from the bottom of my heart. When we started this house project we never thought we would own a house of this caliber. I will tell everyone what kind of company you run and what type of man you are. Your word is gold, all I can say is three things: THANK YOU! CHAMPION 1 is #1! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!

Jimbo and Charmen Rider

“It isn’t just anyone you would trust to build a custom home that ultimately meets both your needs and your dreams. Champion 1 Builders accomplishes that and more. From design plans, to oversight, to vision, Scott Allison is a hands-on builder/designer who has a vested interest in your home through quality control and solid relationships within the construction industry. We successfully built our home in a reasonable timeframe, and the day-to-day supervision of all contractors ultimately made the difference between a new house and a home that is well-built and carefully thought through. If you’re looking for professionalism, integrity and courtesy, Champion 1 Builders is top notch!”

Angela and Vincent Eggers

“Jeremy and I had been driving around the new part of our neighborhood for months watching the houses go up left & right.  There were two certain houses that caught both of our eyes.  These two houses were different than the others being built.  The attention to detail was incredible and the front of houses were beautifully laid out.  Once we realized that the same builder, Champion 1 Builders, had built both of these houses, it became clear the type of houses this builder constructed.  We finally decided to put our house on the market and talk to builders about building us our new home.  We decided that we probably should not call Scott with Champion 1 Builders because we just assumed he would be out of our price range due to the fact that his houses were so detailed.  We had decided to go with another builder and we almost signed the contract.  That is when Jeremy said that we atleast needed to call Scott even if that meant we could not afford him.  So Jeremy called.  Scott immediately returned the call and wanted to meet.  I was still skeptical but we met with him anyway.  Literally after 5 minutes of conversation, we knew that this was person we wanted to build our house.  He had shown us a house that he had built and we absolutely loved the floor plan but it was alittle bigger than what we thought we could afford.  One thing that I really admired about Scott is that he took the time to really explain to me that a house can not be built for a certain amount per square foot – every foot is different.  So after adjusting a few things on the plan, Jeremy and I were able to build a house that was in our price range and not sacrifice square footage.  Scott & his team took our thoughts and ideas on every aspect of building our house and made our dreams come true.  Scott never pressured us to accept anything but perfection.  There are so many people that have horror stories about building, but that is absolutely not our case.   Words could never express the appreciation we have for Scott and Champion 1 Builders.  Not only did we get the house of our dreams, we also gained true friends. “

Jeremy & Jenifer Payne

  unnamed“Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established. Pr.24:3 Scott Allison became my friend as we built our New House together. With all the different opinions and surprises that came our way while in construction, Scott and Alyssa graciously walked us through them successfully. We have been in our Home for 16 months and love it. More than the house, today we love the Allison’s.”

Pastor Bill and Cindy Gehm