The Top Questions You Should Ask Your Custom Home Builder

What do you need to get your custom home building project started?

The easiest way to get a custom home building project started in Amarillo is to get pre-qualified for a house. The market has relaxed a little and has refocused on lending money for new houses. A standard bank approval letter, a signed guarantee of purchase of the house, will allow our Amarillo custom home builders to begin your project.

How long does it typically take to get started building a new home?

In a nutshell, 3-6 months would be a good rule of thumb for the time it takes to get started building a new custom home. It can start sooner, but certain prerequisites need to be in place. It’s amazing how busy Amarillo architects are and how many homes are now under construction. Designing the perfect custom home for you and your family takes time, forethought, and diligent execution. To get started building a new custom home, some things you must know first include:

  1. Know the approximate square footage you are looking for (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc)
  2. Know the land or neighborhood you want to build in
  3. Meet with builder, architect and await the design drawings
  4. Work with bank on your pre-approvals
  5. Establish project budget
  6. Work on and achieve interim construction financing
  7. Acquire city permitting
  8. Start project

What type of custom home can you afford?

The type of custom house in Amarillo you can afford is generally dependent upon the amount financed, interest rate, and features in the house. The cost of building your custom home is also dependent upon the term of your loan. These factors are important to the type of custom house you decide to build. As your Amarillo custom home builders, we can provide ideas that may decrease your costs and save you money.

What price per square foot do you build for?

Out of all of the Amarillo and Canyon custom homes that we have built, there has not been one for the same price per square foot. A custom home lends its taste to that specific homeowner and his or her visions. The land, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, cabinets, and even just the first and second floor square footage tend to make a difference in the price. This square footage doesn’t include the details of how the home is finished out, landscaping, pools, etc. The best option is for you to meet and go over the details of what you are looking for. Custom home builders generally know where costs in any home can skyrocket. We can get close to a price that will help you budget and plan your new home.

What if the custom home ends up costing more than what was originally agreed to?

The question of changing prices often arises with other custom home builders. Our communication through the building process will eliminate any surprises. Before your custom home is built, we will provide accurate financial figures. Changes are the most common cause of higher pricing. However, our Amarillo builders will work to eliminate as many changes as possible prior to building your house.

What areas do you build in?

We have built homes primarily in Amarillo, Texas and Canyon, Texas. However, we are a custom home builder for a family as far as Guymon, Oklahoma. Most neighborhoods are excited to have us and the developers know the quality of our homes. We have built in high-end neighborhoods such as The Colonies, La Paloma, The Enclave, Riverfalls, The Woodlands, and The Greenways. We also have homes scheduled for Cityview, Wildflower Village, Spring Lake, and Bushland. We are excited to see where we build next!

What items will the bank need from me to get started building a new home?

The first item the bank will need from you to get started building a new house is a completed application for a home loan. In support of the application, the bank will ask for past tax returns, guarantee of present employment, a percentage of down payment, and current credit history. The bank will generally give you a list of items they require to ensure your home loan is completed accurately.

Do you have floor plans to choose from?

We do have floor plans for you to look at, but are they right for you and your new home? We build 20-30 year homes. This means that we want you to live in your new home for at least 20-30 years. As custom home builders, we want your home to fit your family, your family’s lifestyle, and accommodate your day to day habits. We may have an existing floor plan that does just that. However, the best custom home builders generally have to make some adjustments to most floor plans to make it right for you.

What is your guarantee on custom homes?

By law, every contractor is obligated to guarantee their “build process” for one year from completion date. Our HVAC guarantee on your new custom house is two years. There are third party companies that offer warranties for up to 10 years for an additional cost.

What if you want to change something about your house?

Our custom home builders in Amarillo know that changes happen. Making changes is easier during the design phase, prior to something being installed. Some features of your house may be changed without incurring additional fees, but some will cost extra. Our Amarillo custom home builders will do everything they can to save you money when building a new house. However, please note that most changes to your home do cost money. Change orders will be communicated prior to completion of the house and will also be approved by the client.

What if there is an issue with the house after the building process is complete?

If you need us, we can make your house our priority. We will investigate any issues, discuss possible options and timelines to correct the issues, and ensure that you are the happy owner of a custom home. If something is not working correctly with your house, we will do everything possible to bring a positive outcome to the situation.

What is the homeowner’s responsibility in the new home building project?

As the client and homeowner, your communication and timely decision making is important to the new home building process. Communication and decision making can mean the difference between our Amarillo builders completing your custom home on time and possibly earlier than the deadline.

What if a family member has accessibility needs when designing a new house?

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is very important to us. As your custom home builders, we value the safety and comfort of you and your family. We are well versed in ADA regulations and will work with our design team to ensure all accessibility requirements are met.

Do you build basements?

Yes, we do build basements. Whether it’s for storm protection or just an extra playroom for the kids, we can build just about anything. As custom home builders, we see many houses now with tornado rooms. These rooms have made a huge appearance in today’s homes, mostly because they save thousands of dollars compared to what a basement costs. If you are interested in a basement, we can discuss all of the options available as well as their pros and cons.

What do you do when your custom home is having settling issues?

One common misconception is that settling is a cause of bad house design, but this is typically not the case. Settling is a common occurrence, especially in areas like Amarillo where there is very little rain. One large rain storm can expand the soil and a lack of moisture can contract it. Our custom home builders will compact all dirt prior to slab and will do everything possible to eliminate as much settling as they can. Contact us if your custom home has settling issues and we will work to get it back in order.

Do we need an interior designer for our home?

We help ALL homeowners with thoughts and suggestions in colors and textiles that progress their home in a particular direction. It takes certain talents to be a custom home builder. We possess those needed skills to keep the home focused and keep decorating on track.

Needing an interior designer really depends on the homeowner and more importantly, their budget. Designers are skilled in design, colors, fabrics and decor. We have worked with a number of designers and enjoy the relationships we have established with them over the years. Interior designers are a great resource to help guide our customers and our project in the right direction. If the budget allows, we would always highly recommend an interior designer for your home.