How To Choose The Perfect Lot For Your New Custom Home

Building a house lets you choose its exact location, so it is important to know how to choose the perfect lot for your new custom home. As you evaluate different neighborhoods, consider the cost of the home’s property taxes and access to amenities including shopping, dining, and recreation. You also want to make sure that the neighborhood that you choose is a good fit for the home that you are going to build.

Selecting the perfect lot for your custom home is a personal choice. The lot that works for your current lifestyle may not be right for another family and vice versa, so be honest about your priorities. Once you have narrowed down a neighborhood, you can start checking out available lots with your custom home builders. As you view lots, consider the location of the lot within the neighborhood, features already present on the lot, and the orientation of the lot.

Location of the lot within the neighborhood

Most subdivisions where custom home builders are working have a variety of lots available. The specific location that you choose may impact the amount of privacy and noise that you experience, as well as the amount of work required for general upkeep. Lots close to the entrance of a subdivision are noisier, but offer easy access to the main road. Circles, drives, and cul-de-sacs are safer and more private, but make snow removal difficult. If you select a corner lot for your new custom home, you will most likely have a larger yard. For many families, ample yard space is a desirable quality, but it comes with the responsibility of added yard maintenance. Corner lots also showcase two sides of a home, which means that you will have to design street appeal for more than the front of the house.

Features on the lot

Even in a subdivision with a single custom home builder and similar sized lots, you will be hard pressed to find two lots that are exactly the same. There are a number of factors that affect the way that you can build on a specific site. For example, several existing mature trees will dictate the layout and orientation of the home. The elevation of the lot will determine the best location for the driveway as well as the number of exterior stairs. Before you choose a lot, walk through it with your custom home builders to identify the pros and cons of the space.

Orientation of the lot

Your designer and builders will work with the building site orientation to maximize the best features of your custom home. Lot orientation plays into a number of other design aspects of the home as well. For example, you will have to decide which direction your driveway will face or which way your house will face if you use solar panels.

Finally, check with the local government to familiarize yourself with the zoning guidelines before choosing the perfect lot for your new custom home. This information will enable you to build a home that meets city ordinances, including how close you can build to property lines. These guidelines will also say exactly what you can build on your lot and inform you of any environmental restrictions.

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