Latest Trends in Custom Home Construction

It’s an exciting time for home design and there are many trends that custom home builders are including in their blueprints. Recent trends are important to consider as you plan for your new home in Amarillo, Texas. These trends include building smaller homes, merging rooms, building eco-friendly homes, and including more functional space. You should also consider trends about colors and finishes, textures, technological advancements, suites, and new homes built for seniors and their families. Recent trends in new home construction also include adding more storage space and outdoor living areas.

The trend of building smaller custom homes

In recent times, more home owners are downsizing the size of their homes to help combat rising electricity and gas costs. The average new home being built in 2015 is ten to 15 percent smaller than homes built prior to 2010. Not only is a smaller home easier to maintain, it’s easier to heat and cool and can help save money that can be used for other purposes.

Merging rooms within a custom home

Many homeowners are eliminating walls within their homes to make their kitchens, living rooms, and entertaining spaces feel larger and more open. Open floor plans are very popular because homeowners can make these rooms feel considerably more comfortable and welcoming.

Building an eco-friendly custom home

As manufacturers produce increasingly eco-friendly product lines, it’s becoming easier for homeowners to incorporate these products into their homes, while still achieving the aesthetic they desire. From flooring to appliances, eco-friendly is the most desired goal of homeowners. Not only does using green products make the home healthier and easier to live within, it can save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Adding more functional space into a custom home

Pantries and specific use spaces are making a comeback in new home construction. From wine bars to cooking stations, homeowners are requesting specialized features from their new home builders that fit their lifestyle. Equally as important, these features are being included in the designs rather than being added in later. Builders are able to fit the custom features well within the Amarillo home and blend them in with the overall design aesthetic.

Colors and finishes within a custom home

Trends in color and finishes constantly change with the times to reflect society’s tastes. Mixed metals such as copper and gold are highly popular, as well as solid hardwoods, as they last longer and create a more durable appearance. Darker colors such as gray and black are ideal beside these finishes, as are other neutral shades that provide a solid foundation to contrast with.

Textures within a custom home

Organic textures are popular and include natural groves in woodwork, and gentle textures on glass and stonework. Recent texture trends for custom home construction are focusing on textures that make a new home look both natural and modern.

Technological advancements in a custom home

From touch screens in the bathroom to home automation, systems that can be controlled remotely are popular additions to new homes in Amarillo. The more technologically connected a home is, the easier it is to live within. Technological advancements in new home construction include making sure the wiring is capable of servicing all the electronics. Other advancements include ensuring permanent interfaces are installed for ready control of everything from HVAC systems to the window shades and lighting systems.

Master suites within a custom home

Parents are eagerly transforming their bedrooms into places that they can escape into for a little peace and quiet. By adding in reading areas, fireplaces, and other relaxing features, homeowners are finding many new ways to find rest and relaxation in their new homes.

Custom homes built for seniors and their families

It’s becoming increasingly common for parents to move back in with their children due to the rising cost of nursing homes. This living arrangement is also strengthening family connections. New home builders in Amarillo, Texas can specifically design homes to accommodate both seniors and their families. Builders will use fewer stairs, switch bathtubs with curbless showers, and include side rails in hallways to make the home easier for seniors to navigate.

More storage space within a custom home

Many homeowners are cutting back on the amount of possessions they own, but they still want space to keep all of their items. Amarillo home builders are able to place extra storage space within attics and basements. Builders can also place storage within inset shelves and other areas that would formerly have been considered dead space.

Outdoor living areas at a custom home

People are enjoying spending more time outside, so the trend of building outdoor kitchens and patios with large television screens is increasing. The outside is becoming an extension of the home, with all the features and amenities one can find inside.

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