Luxury Features For Your Custom Home

Building a luxury custom home is an opportunity to get all of the features you have ever wanted in a house. Hiring experienced and trusted custom home builders in Amarillo, Texas is the first step in creating your luxury property. These builders are able to provide you with traditional, modern, and luxury features, all customized to your specifications.

Some popular trends for luxury custom homes include building open spaces, creating light through the home, and selecting earthy, yet cheery paint colors. Other trends in custom home design include selecting sophisticated features for private areas like bathrooms and bedrooms. Your Amarillo custom home builders can install porcelain tiles in your house, as well as high tech features and the perfect amount of storage. Including firepits and outdoor fireplaces and being eco-friendly when building your luxury property are also popular trends in custom home design.

Building open spaces in your custom home

Get rid of the walls and expand your custom home by creating open spaces. The more open the floor plan, the more spacious your property will feel. Creating open space is a wonderful trick Amarillo home builders use, especially when building a smaller house with a modern feel. By removing walls between kitchens and dining rooms or entryways and living rooms, you’ll create an open and inviting atmosphere throughout your entire house.

Creating light throughout your custom home

Give your Amarillo custom home plenty of light by incorporating windows and customized lighting. Large windows are especially appealing if you have a landscape that you you would like to show off. Windows create the comfort and warmth that exterior light provides. When coupled with layered lighting systems, natural light creates the perfect ambiance for any time of the day.

Selecting earthy, yet cheery paint colors for your custom home

Corals and lighter shades of paint are visually appealing, are easy to maintain, and won’t overpower your room’s appearance. When painting your custom property, create color contrasts by selecting different colors for the walls, trim, and features in each room. By selecting the perfect colors for each room, you can show off your own personal design preferences and have a visually appealing space.

Selecting sophisticated features for private areas of your custom home

Freestanding tubs, curbless showers, and low-flow faucets are popular luxury items for bathrooms. Each of these features are highly desirable and will enhance your enjoyment of this room. Layered lighting, fireplaces, combination mirror and TV sets, and theater systems are also sophisticated features many home builders are placing in houses.

Sophisticated features are also popular to include in bedrooms. This private area in your Amarillo custom home should be a retreat where you can unwind. Including a fireplace, a seating area, and even a wet bar beside the television are all popular design trends in luxury custom homes.

Installing porcelain tiles in your custom home

Porcelain flooring tiles are among the most popular flooring materials that Amarillo custom home builders can install. Strong, durable, and easy to maintain, porcelain tiles can create beautiful and long lasting designs in every room. Ideally suited for high traffic areas, these tiles are low-maintenance and won’t fade over time. Porcelain flooring is stronger than wood flooring and can be sealed so it is impervious to water infiltration.

Installing high tech features into your custom home

Installation of video surveillance and home automation systems are among the most desired luxury features for custom homes. Including technology in your designs will enhance your safety and comfort levels. High tech features will give you greater control over your Amarillo custom home by offering you enhanced security and even reduced utility bills.

Installing the perfect amount of storage for you custom home

Homeowners are reducing their amount of possessions, which decreases the need for storage. When you are designing your property with your custom home builders in Amarillo, decide exactly how much storage you need. Plan accordingly and build the appropriate amount of storage for your house, including extra storage for future needs.

Including firepits and outdoor fireplaces in your custom home

Fireplaces and firepits are luxury features that bring warmth and comfort into your Amarillo custom home, both indoors and outdoors. These features are fantastic places to gather and entertain guests, or simply relax with your spouse when the kids are away.

Being eco-friendly when building your custom home

One of the best luxury trends in custom home design is bing eco-friendly. Select faucets and appliances that have a low energy footprint. Choosing green materials and features will not only help reduce your energy bills, but it will make your property more appealing to buyers in the future. Selecting green features for your Amarillo custom home includes using low-VOC and sustainable building materials.

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