The Custom Home Building Process

Building a custom home in Amarillo, Texas is a complex process that is managed by general contractors or Amarillo home builders and requires the teamwork of many people. The goal of these new home builders and other professionals is to ensure that every detail is set just right to create the property you desire. The basic steps to build a new home include site preparation and foundation pouring, rough framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installation. Your Amarillo builders will also manage the installation of drywall and exterior details, interior details, finishing touches, landscaping, and assist with the walk-through phase.

Site preparation and foundation pouring for a custom home

Every property lot in Amarillo, Texas starts off as a blank canvas. Tree removal and leveling will be the first steps your new home builders will take to prepare the lot. Debris will be removed and the pad will be leveled and compacted. If you’ve chosen to install a septic system, well, or basement, these will be dug during this initial step. Once the lot is prepared, your contractor will dig and pour the footings and then set the foundation forms.

Any underground work such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC will then be executed prior to the foundation for the new home. Builders typically complete this step quickly, unless there are soil conditions that need to be resolved to ensure a stable foundation. Within Amarillo city limits, an inspector will ensure the depth of the footings and make sure that the rebar is properly installed prior to pouring the slab.

Rough framing of a custom home

Your new home in Amarillo, Texas will begin to take shape during the rough framing phase. The new home builders will create a shell or skeleton that outlines the lines and rooms of your house. As your new home comes together, you’ll be able to see what works and what might need adjusting before the property is complete. Keep in mind that the more significant the changes you desire, the longer it will take the new home builders to complete the project. Any major changes will also result in considerable cost increases.

It’s important for the framing process to take place quickly so there is a reduction in the possibility of weather damage, warping of materials, or insect infestation. Your Amarillo builders will do their best to get the rough framing and related tasks done quickly, to eliminate any possible problems.

Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installation in a custom home

Once the framing of your new home is in place, your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors will run pipes and wires through all of the walls. These Amarillo professionals will make sure that all rooms of the house are properly connected and that everything functions correctly.

Drywall and exterior finishes of a custom home

When the insulation is in place, drywall, siding, and other exterior finishing touches will be added to the new home. Builders typically complete this task quickly, but if you’ve chosen masonry or stone for your exterior, expect the process to take slightly longer. This will also be a time where you can pick your wall and ceiling textures. Textures are generally sprayed or hand troweled and can provide a variety of compliments to your property.

Adding interior details to a custom home

Typically, adding interior details to a new home will take the longest time in the building process. Your home builders in Amarillo will apply the baseboards, window sills, mouldings, and other interior details, then painters will start the interior finish out. The application of paint tends to happen quickly, while the preparation of the cabinets, wood, doors, and walls generally take the longest.

The finishing touches on a custom home

The last stage of the custom home building process involves installing your house with toilets, bathtubs, light fixtures, countertops, shelving, and other furnishings. These items are the finishing touches that make your house livable. Coupled with the installation of your HVAC system, this stage is the last before the final inspection. During the inspection phase, the inspector will test and check everything before issuing a certificate of occupancy certifying that the Amarillo home meets legal standards.

Landscaping for a custom home

Depending on the project, the landscaping process may be ongoing during the construction phase. However, builders typically prefer to save this process for last, as it reduces the possibility of damaging sod, plants, and hardscaping. These Amarillo professionals will make sure that plants are in the ground where they should be and that any watering systems you’ve installed are functioning properly.

Walk-through of a custom home

The walk-through stage of the custom home building process is where you’ll look for any final corrections or finishing touches to your property. Your new home builders will create a punch list, which helps the subcontractors correct all the details. Once this stage is complete, all you have to do is move your belongings into your new home.

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