Why Us?


#1 – Integrity & Trust

Trust is the single most important thing in a relationship. Our reputation is on the line everyday and we take that seriously. Know that your Amarillo home or project will be handled with your best interests at heart and we will work hard for you everyday to ensure this.  

#2 – Relationships

There is a lot of stress and hard earned money involved in any adventure. Our relationship with you is critical in the success of your new Project or Home. We have established life long relationships with some of our clients and you should feel the same. I have no doubt that when we finish your new home, you will tell everyone you know that our Relationship through the building process was one of the strongest assets you experienced.  

#3 – Communication

Open lines of communication are critical to a happy building experience. Once your project starts, we will have weekly scheduled calls to communicate timelines, ordering, bids and overall decisions. This is where we will grow closer together as a family to ensure all your visions come true. You will receive a “Build Sheet” that will include all of your selections, timelines, colors, textures and build guidelines. This sheet will be your lifeline during the building phase of your new home.  

#4 – Attention to Detail

Have you ever heard the phrase “The Devil is in the Details”?? Believe It!! I have walked through multiple builders’ houses and have been very let down by the quality and standards that are delivered to “paying customers”. Don’t be one of those customers. When you see our homes, you will see and feel the difference. If you have questions, let me show you these differences.  

#5 – Finish Deadlines

82% of all homeowner’s biggest frustration with their home builder is a “promised deadline” that is not met. ¬†Remember that all builders want to tell you anything you want to hear. ¬†Deadlines are a huge priority to Champion 1 Builders and you should feel confident in the deadlines given for your dream home.  

#6 – Do We Know Everything?

Unfortunately…No. But will we find out? YES!! Know that any special request or custom appointment will be met with intrigue and we will search all ends to find the perfect fit for you.  

#7 – Friends Forever

See #2 Relationships…when we finish your home, we will be like family! We will have spent hours upon hours with each other and will know each other’s kids, stories and livelihoods. I always have a place for new friends and will welcome you with open arms.  

#8 – Dreams Come True

I remember building my first home. It was a Dream Come True. I know that dream first hand and know the importance of making it come to fruition. There is no better feeling than being a part of building a dream and feeling the rewards of such a process.  

#9 – Your Experience

I feel your building experience with Champion 1 Builders will be so positive, that you will tell everyone you know. We work to create an atmosphere that includes open lines of communication that will ensure all experiences are at their best! This is a very exciting time for the both of us and a very rewarding quest. It should be an experience that you never forget.  

#10 – Great Resale

All of our plans are written in ways to assist with selling in the future. Our innovative designs and quality of build are sure to attract any potential buyers if the need should ever arise.  

#10.1 – You Are Not Lost In The Shuffle

Some Amarillo home builders have so many projects going, that you seem to get lost in the shuffle. Some builders won’t even remember your name or remember what your selections are for your home. Know that YOU are the customer and without YOU we would be nothing. You are the most important component of any project. We will not forget YOU!